October Meeting

At this month’s meeting, we had our president – Kade talk about how to chase kingfish in the Sydney water. Yellowtail kingfish is a large pelagic fish distributed in the southern ocean. They are powerful and can fight dirty.┬áTherefore, it is important to put a good shot on the fish, which would be right after the gill plate, according to Kade.

Club member – Jakob successfully landed a kingfish by placing a good holding shot right after the gill plate.

We also celebrated the birthday of our member – Kayne, with everyone singing the happy birthday song for him. He was suitably embarrassed, which was the aim and thanked everyone.

At the end, our experienced member – Gunther also shared some useful tips such as knife placement for maximum safety. In addition, he mentioned a great spot for chasing kingfish. Come to our meeting if you want to know this secret spot!

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