December meeting

Yesterday we had our last monthly meeting of this year. It was a great night out in the RMYC Port Hacking with a presentation and raffle. Thanks everyone for making it last night.

As there are some new members joined recently, we invited Ko-Huan Lee to talk about fish identification. Ko is a wildlife biologist by training and has been with the club for over 3 years. He started the presentation by talking about the size and bag limit. There are two kinds of bag limits, which new spearos may feel confused. One is the number of catches a person can have per day, the other is the number of catches a person can have including those stored elsewhere. For example, the Australian bass has a bag limit of 4 in possession. That means if someone catches 4 fish today and put them in the freezer, he/she cannot catch any Australian bass unless those fish are eaten or given away.

His presentation covered most of the fish found around Sydney, ranging from mowies to kingfish. He also shared some dishes he cooked, such as steamed blackfish, silver drummer red curry, and soy sauce braised Mahi-mahi. The take-home message of his presentations are:

  1. Don't shoot fish you cannot recognise. 
  2. Silver is usually the colour to go.
  3. Colourful fish is usually a no-go.
  4. Fish always look bigger in the water.

We also had an exciting raffle draw after the presentation. Alex (social secretary) kindly donated a Dilomatico Rum Gift Set for fundraising. He appreciated everyone in the RMYC who participated in the raffle. He then invited a lady to draw the raffle ticket. Finally, the rum went to another lady having dinner in the venue.

Overall, we wrapped up the year with some great presentations and competitions. We are really grateful for the committee putting their efforts into organising things as well as for members continually contributing to the club. There will be more activities lined up for the new year. The first one will be the party and raffle drawing at the meeting in January. We look forward to seeing everyone in the new year. 

We wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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