St George Competitions:

There are now 2 separate comps within St George.

  1. The Taylor Shield
  2. FOTY (Fish of the year – social)

The main comp is the Taylor Shield. This is a competition run on Sundays only once a month. Championship also runs a few times a year in various locations. There are Grade and Age subcategories within these comps. Our “Club Champion” comes from these scores.

Fish of the Year  (FOTY) is a more social comp. These perpetual trophies are awarded for the best fish of 15 different species. These fish can be caught anywhere in Australia, anytime in or out of competition. You must submit a photo of the fish on a set of digital scales to our sports secretary either by email or post to qualify.

See FOTY album here: Fish Of The Year competition

Current FOTY records

Club Records

Club records give all financial members a chance to go down in St George’s history with a record capture.

When submitting a record please ensure that ALL the criteria are met or else your record WILL be rejected. Forms are available on our closed club Facebook page.

Once your record has been approved by the committee you will receive an official record certificate acknowledging your achievement and the records list will be updated.

The club holds a presentation each year with all family members encouraged to come where trophies are awarded to members.