Meet other divers, join in on the social dives, attend club meetings to learn how to make/repair gear, participate in competitions or just learn how to catch fish and much more.

A full senior member fee is 130 AUD, and a full junior member fee is 90 AUD, annually. The fee includes:

Insurance, federal commission fee, state commission fee, and membership fee.

Pay via the AUF website (Australian Underwater Federation).  You will need to choose Senior or Junior (under 18yr).

Once payment is received you will then need to go to the Closed St George spearfishing club Facebook page answer the questions and put in a request to join the page.

In the Facebook page, you will have access to the minutes of meetings and other resources. Our members always post where and when they will go diving. You will be able to find dive buddies easily. We run different social dives and trips, which are announced through the page as well.