Why do we spearfish?

Spearfishing provides those who immerse themselves in the sport the opportunity to tap into a deep reservoir of understanding.

At St George Spearfishing Club our members understand we have a connection with nature, a responsibility to respect & care for it & are always learning how to harvest fresh seafood from our oceans.

We believe in the necessity to only take what we need to foster sustainability. We are selective in what we hunt & forage and put in a hard day’s work to put food on our family’s table.

With hard work comes reward. Physical fitness & mental health are improved through interactions with the underwater world. We share incredible experiences with like-minded people and make memories that last a lifetime.

See the code of practice here: AUF-Spearfishing-Codes-of-Practice-Feb-22-2

If you feel like you are as passionate as we are when it comes to Spearfishing & Freediving, come to join us every 3rd Monday of the Month at RMYC Port Hacking.

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